5 Things On Sunday

5 Things on Sunday is a meme created by Reads and Treats (LINK HERE) where each week there is a new topic and you write a list of 5 things relating to that topic. The topics are not necessarily about books (very few are) so you can post about non-bookish things for a little change!

This week’s topic is Things To Do When You’re Stressed.

1. Listen to music

The first and main thing I do when I’m stressed is listen to music. It helps to clear my head and gives me something to focus on and enjoy, and it helps me to relax slightly before getting back to what I need to do. Music helps me to take my mind off not only stressful things but anything that’s bothering me.

2. Read

Obviously reading is something I absolutely love doing and it’s a great way to escape from stress and into another world.

3. Drink a warm, comfort beverage

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chai latte, whatever your go to warm beverage is. 100% recommend to help you de-stress.

4. Talk with friends

Depending on what you may be stressed about, talking with friends and people you enjoy being around can make you feel calmer, whether you are talking about said stressful thing or something completely random.

5. Breathe

And lastly, just relax and take a breath. Clear your mind and focus and put your mind to doing whatever it is you need to do and don’t beat yourself up too much in the process!



Everyone does different things when they’re stressed depending on what works for them. For example, some people may not enjoy reading and would prefer to exercise instead. Let me know some things you do when you’re stressed! 🙂


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